3.0 M4가 나왔다. RC1으로 대부분의 이슈를 넘기고 빠르게 출시했다.


다음은 M3 이후의 변화목록. 굵은 글씨는 내맘대로 뽑은 중요한 변화내용.

* upgraded to JUnit 4.6, TestNG 5.9, and EasyMock 2.5.1
* updated all Spring Framework OSGI manifests to list unversioned imports explicitly
* relaxed several OSGi bundle dependencies (optional, extended version ranges)
* revised Java 6 checks to test for the presence of specific Java 6 interfaces/classes only
* replaced Commons Collections dependency with Spring-provided LinkedCaseInsensitiveMap
* case-insensitive Maps and key Sets preserve original casing for introspection/logging
* constructor argument type matching supports arrays and simple class names now
* XML constructor-arg element allows for specifying a constructor argument by name now
* XML import elements with relative resource patterns are supported as well now
* introduced non-lenient constructor resolution mode for BeanDefinitions (for RFC-124)
* revised DefaultListableBeanFactory’s access control when running within a SecurityManager
* BeanWrapper and DefaultListableBeanFactory accept a custom ConversionService now
* DefaultListableBeanFactory references are serializable now when initialized with an id
* scoped proxies are serializable now, for web scopes as well as for singleton beans
* injected request/session references are serializable proxies for the current request now
* Servlet/Portlet ApplicationContexts use a specific id based on servlet/portlet name
* ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource correctly calculates filenames for all locales now
* @PostConstruct works for multiple private init methods of the same name in a hierarchy
* @Primary/@Lazy/@DependsOn supported as meta-annotations as well
* @Bean/@Scope etc supported as meta-annotations on factory methods as well now
* @Required does not get processed on beans returned by @Bean factory methods
* @Import detects and accepts existing configuration class of the desired type
* @Transactional supports qualifier value for choosing between multiple transaction managers
* WebSphereUowTransactionManager falls back to UOWManagerFactory lookup by default
* JMS SingleConnectionFactory performs start call within connection monitor (for Oracle AQ)
* @ManagedResource is marked as inherited now, for generic management-aware base classes
* introduced dedicated @ManagedMetric annotation for metric attributes in a JMX environment
* added task namespace with scheduler/executor configuration and scheduled task definitions
* added jdbc namespace with embedded-database tag (supporting HSQL, H2, and Derby)
* Hibernate AnnotationSessionFactoryBean detects Hibernate’s special @Entity annotation too
* added SimpleJaxWsServiceExporter workaround for WebLogic 10.3′s address format requirements
* added support for @WebServiceProvider annotation to Spring’s JaxWsServiceExporters
* updated Hessian support for Hessian 3.2 compatibility (requiring Hessian 3.2 or above now)
* updated Tiles support for Tiles 2.1 compatibility (requiring Tiles 2.1.2 or above now)
* Velocity/FreeMarker/TilesViewResolver only returns a view if the target resource exists now
* @DirtiesContext is now supported at the test class level with configurable class modes
* added beforeTestClass() and afterTestClass() to the TestExecutionListener API
* ProfileValueUtils now enforces class-level overrides for @IfProfileValue
* @ContextConfiguration’s loader attribute is now inherited if not declared locally
* TransactionalTestExecutionListener no longer flushes transactions before rolling back

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